October 23, 2010

Summer and Smiles of Finland - Various, A Fonal Records Promo Compilation (2006)

Additional tracks from previous posting faves coupled with a best of rest overview. 

Running order:

Paavoharju  (1,2) - lamenting exotica and glitch transmissions from collective of ascetic born-again Christians, sounding somewhere between Bollywood, church hymns, beautiful pop tunes and ambient esoterica.

Islaja (3,4,5) - young, clearer eyed Nico acid-folk chanteuse; beautifully phased, magically real.

Islaja: Pimeyttä kohti from Sami Sänpäkkilä on Vimeo.

Kemialliset Ystavat (6,7,8) - free form pilots of short spooling instrumentals building layers of simple repetitive riffs into laminal mudcakes; weaving ghosts of folk song into huge tunnels of drone.

Es (10,11)
Kiila (12)

Risto (13, 14) -  2 finsk mark version of Spector's wall of sound (in a garage)?

TV-Resistori (15, 16) - childlike melodies and cheesy synths ahoy; sound disconcertingly like a Japanese Stereolab

Es (17)

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Oddi wrth lähimmäinen

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