October 10, 2010

GS パーテイ / Group Sounds Party - Various

Y Brawd brings you a roll call of the GS great, good and so so: The Spiders, The Jaguars, The Tigers (see a pattern emerging?), The Golden Cups, Mops, The Gullivers and more. In J. Cope's estimation: Tigers too fey; Spiders wild enough; Mops too weird, too punk, too real, too ugly; The Golden Cups too fumed up on paint thinners; The Jaguars ultimately won the day.

Get with it, just don't ask for a track-list 'cos there ain't one.

Oddi wrth y brawd


saya said...

may be same of records are in my home which were from my grand father's home.some of are nice i think!

Y Brawd said...

y brawd posts sounds your grandparents used to like. what a heart warming thought.