October 31, 2010

Deugain Sain [40 years of Sain] - Various

Y brawd's own selection from Sain's 3 disc bonanza of 40 years' Welsh music in the popular vernacular.

Many will already be familiar with Andy Votel's Welsh Rarebeat primers.....meeah,  "look at these quaint people singing in Welsh in the 70s...who'd have thunk it?" 

Better start here with Sain's collection for a representative overview that strays outside Votel's acid-folk obsessions to take in 70s/80s new wave (Trwynau Coch, Geraint Jarman), 70s Mott / Lizzy melodic rock (Edward H. Dafis  - who bestrode Cambria like denim clad colossi), 90s indie (Catatonia), 00s sunshine psych (Mim Twm Llai) and varied points in-between.

Ever wondered what John Cale would sound like singing in his native tongue (and exactly why hasn't the grand experimenter who spoke only Welsh until the age of eight ever recorded in the language?), then Geraint Lovgreen's yer man. Looking for songwriting spirit of Bill Fay? Check out Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc.

An embarrassment of riches for all and for a few, memories of gigs past. (Sometime around 1979, Peel faves Trwynau Coch played the assembly hall at y brawd's school. It was bloody great. Ms. Cadifor, ble'r wyt ti nawr?)

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01 Meic Stevens
02 Sibrydion
03 Edward H. Dafis
04 Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc
05 Trwynau Coch
06 Geraint Jarman
07 Y Cyrff
08 Mim Twm Llai
09 Gwibdaith Hen Fran
10 Catatonia
11 Bob Delyn
12 Sian James
13 Plethyn
14 Fflur Dafydd
15 Steve Eaves
16 Mynediad Am Ddim
17 Maharishi
18 Tebot Piws
19 Mairi McGuinness a Cor Meibion Llangwm
20 Geraint Lovgreen a'r Enw Da
21 Sidan

Oddi wrth y brawd
Cymru, Lloegr a Llanrwst


Anonymous said...

Edrychaf ymlaen at glywed hynny, ond dydy'r linc ddim yn gweithio.Diolch am y bostiau eraill, mae siom i weld prinder o "comments" yma

Y Brawd said...

Link working now folks!

Carl Morris said...

John Cale's relationship with the Welsh language is a complex one.

Let's just say his childhood background was not the happiest.

He explores it in his artwork Dyddiad Du which is on display in Swansea for the next week or so.

There are some scattered gems on this Sain retrospective album but I think you're right to do some extra weirdness selection on it.

j said...

sounds great. Don't know a whole lot 'bout welsh music, probably not much more that Gorky's zygotic minci (they're welsh, aren't they?) Anyway, 'preciate the heads up, and i really appreciate the fact that you take a moment to write about music. That master musicians of bukkake record rules, too, btw.

Y Brawd said...

Hey Carl,

Thanks for the Cale link. Had no idea this was going on. Curious re. his family background. Not long read "What's Welsh for Zen?" in which his upbringing sounds pretty straight ahead (though his mother was a dominant force in the family). No surprise though that like many sons of Cambria - y brawd included - he couldn't wait to take off.

Y Brawd said...

Hey J,
Cheers. Comments like yours make up for the hordes of rip and runners and make it all worthwhile. Remiss of me not to namecheck JH for the Sounds of the South box rectified.

Llins said...

Er gwybodaeth, mae Ms Cadifor yn fyw ac yn iach, yn byw yng Nghaerdydd ac yn gweithio i'r BBC!
Diolch am fy atgoffa i o'r Trwynau'n dod i'r ysgol - bril o gig!!!

Y Brawd said...

Yn fyw ac yn iach - very pleased to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Trwynau coch? yr unig peth ces i oedd christian roc grwp o'r enw The Reps, wedi cael eu gwahoddiau gan yr christian union... "bad boy at school, you should do it, bad boy at school, you really blew it, bad boy at school, it's all over now".Shite llwyr, ond mae'n dal yn fy nghof, pum ar hugain mlynedd wedyn. Ond ddaeth Martin Carthy i'm ysgol cynradd, dyna oedd rhywbeth i'w glywed, ond galla i ddim cofio dim byd ohono!

Y Brawd said...

The Reps - Booo
Martin Carthy - Hurraaah

Anonymous said...

diolch yn fawr,beth am ep's Crysbas?
Queen's Llanrwst rules ok
Brwad Maentwrog gynt

Y Brawd said...

Queen's Llanrwst? LOL

Pwy sy'n atgofio Ysgol Gyfun Llanhari?