October 20, 2010

Tuota Tuota [Well, Well] - Kiila

Tuota Tuota (2009) is Kiila's third outing and while there is no beginner's Fonal band, Kiila come close.  The motifs in the songs are not easy to render - elk antlers, tree bark, sound of rapids, fog, letters, calves, fingers - but the music speaks a universal tongue, stringing together loose threads of electrified folk, psychedelia and occasional far out improv jamming.

A sense of freedom permeates, upholstered with firm structure and well-rehearsed perfomances, whilst leaving enough primitive electro-detritus and sprawling fiddles to remind you that this is no ordinary folk-rock record. It trades in lush, North-European  arrangements and silvery group chants and wayward fiddle playing a la ISB (the spirit of the bowed gimbri abides). The rootsy, acoustic traditionalism of the songs get the patented Fonal left-field spin that by the closing minutes of Pollutukin Mietteet have morphed into phased funk guitars, wildman organ and ornery trumpeting. An odd end to an album mostly intent on homespun, crafted revels.

Oddi wrth y brawd
kiitos kiila

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