October 07, 2010

Live, Meadowbrook, Michigan, 12th September 1971 - Funkadelic

"Yeah, take care of your body.
The funk will funkatelicise everyone within the range of this music.
Don't hold yourself rigid, unless the occasion calls for it.
Let your minds be lather-like.
George Clinton chief coke-head is going to sprinkle funk from one end of this pavillion to the other...." and  - wham! -  straight into Alice in my fantasies.

Heavy funk jam wig outs. The mighty Maggot Brain (second track! WTF?).

Has to be contender for place in top 5 live albums of 70s.

Free your mind and your ass will follow, yes indeed.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Welsh Connexion said...

Aha - until recently my Funkadelic awareness was much limited to the magnificent Maggot Brain - I augmented that with the double Motor City Madness Westbound compilation but was informed that I still needed to hear this live offering - I then log onto Weird Brother and as if by magic .... hey presto - perhaps cosmic forces are at work

Y Brawd said...

even better is Mothership Connection. available on WB