October 27, 2010

Martin Rev - Martin Rev

Tales are told of Ralf & Florian strong-arming copies of Suicide’s first album from Lester Bangs. Yeah...

God knows what record company / personal issues shenanigans led to this solo album release in 1980 on the Lust/Unlust label, only a year after 1979's Marvel, which in all but two tracks is the same album entire. No matter. This one idea = one song collection finds Martin perfectly poised between sublime synth pop (first two tracks: Mari and Baby O Baby) and proto-industrial experimentation (the rest). Highly influential. Pointing the way to Soft Cell and their ilk on the one hand, and on t'other the  PTV / Coil axis.

The naive synth melodies are a delight. Percussive industrialism riveting.

Oddi wrth y brawd


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David Elliott said...

A top album indeed. I still have it on vinyl, bought in a bargain bin on the Bowery the day after I saw Suicide at CGGBs in the mid-80s. How cool is that?

Y Brawd said...

Pretty. Doesn't match personal DE best of having Hans Joachim Roedelius come play at your wedding.