October 29, 2010

Disaro - Modern Witch (2010)

Bringing things up to date with young gun neophytes of low-battery 80s drum machine chug; devotees of caningly repetitive electro-punk vignettes fronted by dissolute female vocalist.

And let's praise artists for whom the 80s mark the beginning not the end of the holy mystery. The UK hauntology crew have betimes built an aesthetic out of attempts to claw back a glimpse of just-out-of-reach 70s wonderlands. Fellows such as Ghostbox and Mordant create music that dines out on wink of the eye cultural signfiers; grist to the critical mill for bloggers and Wire journalists keen to pull up a chair at the meme feast - drooling all the while over those hyper-designed album covers.

Extend the same courtesy then to Modern Witch and a more recent re-assemblage and re-enactment; dishing up pleasures a-plenty with a studied air of glassy-eyed ennui.

Oddi wrth y brawd
witchy women



Carl Morris said...

Shades of Nico here, excellent!

Y Brawd said...

For sure. Coincidentally, at this moment watching The man Who recorded America - Jac Holzman / Elektra story with amazing early 70s clip of Nico doing janitor of Lunacy....hmmmm y brawd feels a post coming on. You'll find Chelsea Girl here
one of inaugral WB posts.