October 26, 2010

Donovan Quinn and the 13th Month - Donovan Quinn and the 13th Month (2008)

Yeah heavy and a bottle of Quinn's lo-fi basement country-folk. John Wesley Harding glimpsed thru a drowsy haze of grass-chewing Americana. With a sound fleshed out with occasional sympathetic organ, piano and fiddle, Donovan plays out his frayed preoccupations over a sleepy-afternoon, showing strong songwriting, mostly expounding crumbled relationships and a casual  investment in spiritual imagery and allegory in the Christian vernacular. A low-key gem of an album.

(New collection Your Wicked Man out now on Soft Abuse. Donovan also plays leading role in the psych-ier Sky Green Leopards)

Oddi wrth y brawd
moose indian, indian moose

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